Welcome to  Open eSignForms  the only Free and Open Source web contracting software.

*** Yozons is currently re-working Open eSignForms and is not currently distributing the AGPL version. ***

Commercial licenses are offered and will remain fully supported into the future.

This web page contains links and information suitable for open source enthusiasts and developers only. Please visit www.yozons.com for commercial hosted services, licensing, support, information and sales.

Open eSignForms™ (aka OpenESF™) was created by Yozons™, a long-time leader in web-based electronic signature software, since the previous millenium! Open eSignForms provides access to your contracts from any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world. The code is initially built on over a decade of expertise garnered developing many hundreds of customized electronic signature systems, and of course our expertise only continues to grow. Unlike our previous software technologies, Open eSignForms is provided under a dual license to meet your needs.

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Of course, we'd also like to recognize that all software is built on top of software developed elsewhere by many other people, so we all benefit from the work of those who came before us, and this is especially true for open source.

Dual licenses empower both Open Source and Commercial deployments

  1. The GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) is for those who do not need Yozons technical support or other features of our commercial license. It's absolutely free to use provided you keep it free and likewise follow suit per the terms of the AGPL.

    For those who prefer free and open source, you may use it freely simply by also providing the correct version of all source code used in your deployment. If it's purely for private use, you do not need to share any such source code.

    All support for open source developers is via the Google Groups public forum.

  2. The Yozons commercial license is provided to customers who do not want to use the GNU Affero license.

    Our commercial license pricing includes legal protections, technical support, release management and optional shared hosting services on our reliable and secure eSignForms™, eSign-Contracts™ and eSign-HR™ servers. Of course you are free to deploy on your own server as you see fit, regardless of license type, as we are one of the few vendors to offer an on-premise solution in addition to SaaS.

    NON-PROFITS: Yozons offers a free bump up in your preferred license size so you get more for less!

CVS (yes, CVS, it's a long legacy story that also works well!) source code access

The project open-eSignFormsVaadin contains the all of the current source for the server-side code integrated with the Vaadin+GWT front-end. Yozons has also contributed its CKEditor for Vaadin widget in a separate open source project under an Apache 2.0 license. As of May 2013, there were two main branches, VAADIN6 and VAADIN7, that were used to track the code that runs under Vaadin 6 versus the port to Vaadin 7. The VAADIN6 branch is historical and is no longer used. Open eSignForms 13.5.5 was the last release under Vaadin 6. The VAADIN7 branch was merged back to the HEAD in March 2015. Version 13.6.8 was the first release under Vaadin 7, and as of the 15.3.12 release, the VAADIN7 branch is no longer being used and the CVS HEAD has the latest code.

The discontinued project open-eSignFormsGWT contains the all of the source for the server-side code, the GWT front-end, as well as the GWT-RPC portion of the browser-server interface for the versions prior to January 26, 2010.

The project open-eSignForms contains this web site's content and wiki images, and historically has versions of the code from prior to November 8, 2009.

For easiest compatibility, we recommend you use Eclipse for your development environment. The code is primarily written in Java running on Tomcat and using PostgreSQL for its database. The "Web 2.0" user interface uses the Vaadin servlet-based framework built on top of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) browser-based, javascript widgets.

Feature highlights

  1. With your own deployment and open source software, you are not at the mercy of a service or technology provider that may go out of business, provide poor service, cease software support, or change pricing or licensing terms that no longer meet your needs. Nobody relied on other companies to sign their documents before (well, except for those rare notary public signings), so why should you now?

  2. Electronic signatures allow for legal, paperless contracting using open, industry-standard technologies.

  3. Sign check-in documents in your lobby -- some professional and medical services are even using a couple of iPads for check-in and HIPAA privacy policies.

  4. Send out sales agreements and other business contracts easily and instantly to a worldwide audience.

  5. Hire new employees using online packages of documents.

  6. Sign financing documents for new loans or for debt consolidation.

  7. Know the status of all documents in the process flow that supports multiple documents and multiple parties. You'll never lose another document or have to wait while someone else is processing it.

  8. Keep track of and access all your data stored in your documents.

  9. Push and pull data to and from anywhere over the Internet, including integration with other systems like CRM, accounting, credit card processors, background investigations, payroll systems, etc. Data inside forms is fine, but moving that data where it's needed saves time and money with fewer errors.

  10. APIs for starting new transactions, updating data in existing transactions, and for transaction administration.

  11. Perform calculations, custom data validations and error messages, conditionally change process workflow, skip parties or documents when not needed.

  12. Create reusable HTML fragments, pages and documents.

  13. For tricky, but static, layouts, use an image of the document/form with field overlays.

  14. Secure access to your documents from anywhere in the world.

  15. Full encryption of documents and data ensures privacy with powerful 256-bit AES.

  16. XML Digital signature technology creates provably original snapshots of documents and data. We are using 4096-bit RSA keypairs coupled with SHA-512 for digests and signatures that comply with XAdES-BES as specified in ETSI TS 101 903 v1.4.1 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures. Check out the first ever XML digital signature created by Open eSignForms code, albeit with less strong crypto then.

  17. Activity logs keep track of the process flow.

  18. Easy versioning between test and production code. All code is online accessible.

  19. Documents in standard HTML+CSS ensures their accessibility now and in the long-term future across myriad devices including PCs, tablets and smart phones.

  20. No proprietary data formats, document formats or digital signatures to lock up what's rightfully yours.

  21. Use reports to keep track of your documents, develop reports for CSV data exports, and/or download transaction archives for long-term storage outside of the platform.

Help make a difference

Connect and benefit Earth: you, your company, your nation, your world. Save trees to keep our air clean and protect our wildlife and soil. Reduce wasted time and lost documents. Help eliminate ink chemicals, printers, faxes, FedEx/UPS/DHL/Postal Services, pulp mills, polluted rivers, deforestation and the trucking costs and related air pollution and congestion of moving simple documents that are a part of our daily lives, documents that we can easily access wherever we are with Open eSignForms.

Be part of the next great leap for business processes that make life easier for you, your customers, partners and co-workers.

And finally, if you gain the skills to develop custom forms on Open eSignForms, consider being a partner/reseller and make money selling custom forms development or build a complete online solution for a vertical you have expertise in. We are happy to host your customers and provide a commission to you.